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The Funny Facebook Statuses page is used to direct you to all the top Funny Facebook Status posts on this blog. I will have multiple posts including Funny, Mad and Clever Facebook Statuses that I will also post below for you to reference on my blog. A lot of other people have a Funny Facebook Status page or a Funny Statuses page but mine is a little different. I do see some content that is used over and over and some of my Facebook friends will use these modern day one liners and quirky comments as their statuses. However, my goal in this Funny Facebook Statuses page is to get you to laugh with my Statuses and give you new content that is not circulating the web with other Funny Facebook Status web pages. With that being said if you have any good/original Mad, Clever, or Funny Facebook Statuses please submit a comment with the Funny Statuses so we can share them with our viewers.

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