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In running this site one of the most important things is to get interaction with the viewers on the Facebook Statuses. I am looking for all sorts of Facebook Statuses including Funny Facebook Statuses, Mad Facebook Statuses and any other type of Facebook Statuses that will be interesting for people to read. This Facebook site is for the viewer or for other people to get good ideas as what to use as their Facebook Statuses and posts. Please if you have any good Facebook Statuses or any funny ideas for Facebook Statuses please leave a comment and I would be more than willing to share them with my viewers. Additionally if you are interested in a specific type of Facebook Status and are looking for more posts on something in particular please let me know so I can post some more Facebook Status updates on those topics. But all in all thank you for visiting and once again don’t be shy please leave comments, questions and most importantly Facebook Statuses so I can share them with everyone.